What to Expect

Leadership for Life offers local leaders great opportunities to improve their leadership skills and network with like-minded leaders.


  • Skills based (verses knowledge based) training that happens over time, yielding a real change in behavior.
  • Powerful networking connection for participants who have invested in the solid relationships made possible through the LFL model
  • Exposure to top leaders in the community.
  • Springboard employees and your company into new strategies and avenues for growth.
  • Gain feedback on the strengths and growth areas of your employees.

What we offer:

Leadership for Life is an intensive leadership development course meeting one day a month over 9 months designed for professionals to reflect and act upon their God-given calling to be a leader.

Leadership for Life starts with a 2 ½ day September retreat and then meets on the second Thursday of the month from 8:30 – 3:30 from October to May.

Leadership for Life Lessons is a leadership series designed for local leaders that offers events throughout the year with current and relevant leadership topics.