Our Value to Businesses & Non-Profits

LFL focuses on time-tested leadership tools that bring lasting success.  Class members are active participants, engaging in exercises to put their leadership skills into practice.  Learning happens over time to enhance the application of key principles.  But LFL does more than just teach skills; it calls out personal integrity, fortifies character, and hones participants’ mission and calling.  LFL helps participants recognize that their leadership is rooted in something greater than themselves.

Investing in Your Future

Investment in an employee’s growth pays off in various ways including job performance, satisfaction and loyalty. By funding an employee’s leadership training, organizations are investing in their own future management.

Participants will bring back leadership skills enhancing their job performance and engagement. They learn the implications of being directed by faith in a diverse work environment. With these tools, they are better prepared to handle conflict, lead with a moral compass, manage change, make ethical and sound decisions, engage and serve employees and clients alike, and expand the impact of the business for the greater good.

The Sponsor’s Role in Supporting Participant’s Growth

Sponsoring businesses or organizations release Leadership for Life participants to attend seminars one day each month. This demonstrates a commitment to the employee and confidence in the participant’s ability to be a leader in the organization.

A deposit of $850 is required by June 1. The deposit is 50% refundable up to August 1 when the remainder of the program fees are due. After August 1, fees are refundable only at the discretion of Leadership for Life.

Program fees can be covered as an ordinary and necessary business expense under Section 162 of the IRS code. Alternatively, individuals may choose to fund their own leadership development.