Our Mission

Leadership for Life is a not-for-profit leadership development organization, rooted in the Christian tradition, equipping individuals with the confidence and skills needed to become leaders of integrity and influence.

What makes us unique?

Leadership for Life engenders personal growth in the areas of:

  1. Skill development to increase leadership capacity.  LFL focuses on time-tested leadership tools that bring lasting success.  Class members are active participants, engaging in exercises to put their leadership skills into practice.  Learning happens over time to enhance application.  Leaders grapple with new paradigms as well as the details of implementation.
  2. Inner Self development.  Leadership for Life does more than just teach skills; it touches the heart. LFL calls out personal integrity, fortifies character, and hones participants’ God given calling and mission.  LFL helps participants recognize that because of their faith in Christ, their leadership is rooted in something greater than themselves.

While Leadership for Life is rooted in the Christian tradition, we welcome all faith to participate in the program.