LFL Experience

The Leadership for Life Program:

The Leadership for Life program is an intensive leadership development course meeting one day a month over 9 months designed for professionals to reflect and act upon their God-given calling to be a leader.

What will Leadership for Life prepare me for?

  • To cultivate the inner character that will help them face the leadership demands of our world today.
  • To gain relational skills to connect authentically, build trust and manage conflict successfully.
  • To think beyond themselves and raise the level of performance in the people around them.
  • To confidently delegate responsibilities and ensure expectations are achieved.
  • To commit to their life vision and purpose.
  • To positively overcome challenges, fears and setbacks.
  • To lead in ways that make a real difference in the lives of those around you.

Who participates in Leadership for Life?

  • Mid-level and above managers and leaders in profit and non-profit organizations
  • Business Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • People who would like to increase their leadership capacity and influence.

What makes Leadership for Life Unique?

LFL focuses on time-tested leadership tools that bring lasting results.  Class members are active participants, engaging in exercises to put their leadership skills into practice.  Learning happens over time to enhance the application of key principles.  But LFL does more than just teach skills; it calls out personal integrity, fortifies character, and hones participants’ mission and calling.  LFL helps participants recognize that because of their faith in Christ, their leadership is rooted in something greater than themselves.  In addition, LFL provides a powerful networking connection for participants who have invested in the solid relationships made possible through the LFL model.

Why send an employee to Leadership for Life?

Investment in an employee’s growth pays off in various ways including job performance, satisfaction and loyalty. By funding an employee’s leadership training, organizations are investing in their own future management.  Participants will bring back leadership skills enhancing their job performance and engagement. They learn the implications of being directed by faith in a diverse work environment. With these tools, they are better prepared to handle conflict, lead with a moral compass, manage change, make ethical and sound decisions, engage and serve employees and clients alike, and expand the impact of the business for the greater good.

What is the History of Leadership for Life?

Leadership for Life was born out of the Luis Palau Heartland Festival that drew over 100,000 people in Omaha together in July 2007. From that experience, business and not-for-profit leaders sought a way to continue building on the ecumenical spirit and respect of differing cultures, races, and faith traditions to effect change in the local community and beyond.  LFL was created to provide an environment for leaders to develop character, integrity, and skill to live what they say they are living and help others to do the same.

Leadership for Life was incorporated as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization in January 2008. It is overseen by an ecumenical Board of Directors.

What Can I Expect To Experience Each Day?

Leadership experts offer provocative exercises and proven leadership tools.  Inspirational leaders and participants share their successes and struggles in living out their faith in their professional lives.  Sessions incorporate active learning exercises in small groups or one-on-one to build relationships and learn from each other as well as using biblical references such as the Sermon on the Mount.   Leaders grapple with new paradigms as well as the details of implementation.

Topics include mission and vision, integrity, humility, conflict resolution, enriching the soul, empowerment of others, advancing human dignity, and having courage to be the leader each is called to be.

In between each monthly class, participants practice the skills taught, noting the challenges and benefits in their work place. Experiences and observations are shared with their accountability partners and in class.


Cost:  Total fees including all course materials, professional development tools, retreat lodging and meals, and continental breakfast, lunch and snacks at each monthly seminar are $3,000 funded by the individual or the employer as professional development. The discounted tuition price for non-profit organizations is $2200.

A deposit of $850 is required by June 1.  The deposit is 50% refundable up to August 1 when the remainder of the program fees are due. After August 1, fees are refundable only at the discretion of Leadership for Life.

Program fees can be covered as an ordinary and necessary business expense under Section 162 of the IRS code. Alternatively, individuals may choose to fund their own leadership development.

Scholarships:   Scholarship funding is available, however, all participants are asked to pay some portion of the program fees.